Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jim's health.

I am filled with sadness today. Jim's doctor called yesterday and said that he had a spot on his lung and a few spots on each kidney. We are hoping for the best. That the spot on his lung is just an infection and that the other spots are nothing to worry about. Yet I am worried. Tomorrow we go to have it checked out. I am hoping for good news. At least we know why Jim has felt so tired these last few months.

Will let you know what happens.



Fijufic said...


This will be a sleepless night. I'm saying prayers. I'll confer with Mabel and get a prognosis or reason for this.


Soiled Dove said...

Oh, Roz! I'm so sorry to read this. Sending warm thoughts your way. ~S~

susananne said...

You are in my prayers tonight Roz...(( hugs ))

Judy said...

You and Jim are in my prayers before I go to sleep tonight, Roz. So sorry to read this, but maybe it's just 'spots' and Jim will be okay. Thinking positive.... ((hugs))

Anonova said...

Roz, I hope this is a needless worry for you, and that comforting news will arrive soon. Take care!