Friday, March 25, 2011

Another day.

Where have I been and what have I been up too? Most of what I do is the same thing every day. Get up, and just do chores and keep Jim company. Sometimes I go too the store. Not much to say about anything.

I watch as people struggle with problems not created by themselves, but things that are beyond their control out across the world. It makes my problems seem so small. I don't have too go in search of food or a safe place too stay. I don't have too worry about pleasing a boss or any of the day too day things plaguing others.

So even though Jim is ill, life is not really as bad as some. We muddle along here at our house. Some days are good others could be better on the problem of Jim's illness. We treat each day as normal without a lot of drama. Which in our opinion is the right way too live. What good is screaming, crying and pulling ones hair out over things that can not be changed. It is far better to live in peace and accept that which is.

So life goes on such as it is here at this simple abode of ours. Be ever thankful for what you have, and for those you love.