Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trying to stay awake.

It has gotten cold here in Missouri, and I still have pleanty to do outside. Sigh. I need to bring some plants in before the big freeze tonight. I also need to take the trash out. Not something I like doing, but it will get done.

Had to buy a new light for the dinning room, as the one in that one is popping and smoking. Not good. So I hopped on over too the local Lowe's store and got a new light. We spend a lot of time in that room, watching TV, reading etc. You would think we didn't have a living room at all. The living room doesn't seem to get much use these days. Only when I want to watch something different then Jim does. We have TV's in both rooms. Jim likes the dinning room.

The teenage girl next door has been coming over and helping Jim with his garden. Planting those rose bushes he bought, and he plans to get her to plant some bulbs today. I think she is a little spooked being alone at home. So she comes and hangs out with us until her dad gets home. We like her so no problem.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life is crazy.

Life is full of the unexpected. Just like the whole thing with JS people getting together on face book. What a hoot. Just about the time you think everyone has gone away and you wonder what happen to them. People come racing back into your life.

I took a trip this week down to Branson Missouri. I got a call from an old HS classemate. Who wanted all of us to get together and come too the alumin banquet. I like this guy. We rode the same bus to school for years, went to Sunday school together, and just grew up around each other. He is a good guy, so I went.

That is when he and some others started too make plans to get together in Branson. One of our old classmates owns a resort on the lake. So I went and had the time of my life. It was so much fun seeing everyone and catching up on what had happen in their lives over the years. It was like having a family reunion. Ray was right when he said we had such a strong connection to each other and I am glad I went to this reunion.

We plan to do this next year, and I am looking forward to going again. I think we need to sometimes connect to others that meant so much to each of us. We were a very small class in a country school, and we spent most of our growing up years together. So we all share a lot of history some good and some not so good, but let me tell you the good out weights all of the bad by a long shot.