Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Harassing the wildlife.

Our dogs kept me up barking the last couple of nights. Finally yesterday I saw the problem. A young coon who was in one of our trees. I got the BB gun and shot it in the butt a couple of times. Which made it come down and get in the vine over one of our arbors. I tried knocking it out with a long stick, but that little shit sure knew how to cling to those vines. It finally went all the way to the top of one of our trees. I guess some time in the night it found a way out of our yard. Gone I hope forever.

If it had fallen on the ground our dogs would have had lunch. They sure wanted that coon bad. Trixie tried to climb the tree it was in and got a couple of feet up. She almost got it's tail. Nothing much stays in our yard for long. Which is good as I don't want the wild life roaming around my yard. They like to eat my peaches and other things I have growing.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy wild life just don't like them eating my peaches and other things.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have trying to decide what too do today. Not that I don't have the normal stuff to do. Seems like I have a hard time getting out and doing things. Some of which has to do with the heat, and not wanting to spend money.

Our dog Sassy kept me awake last night. I think something must be living in the vines out in the back yard. Jim is going to beat on it and see if he can scare what ever it is away. I think it must be out little coon family.

Made some stuffed peppers and shared a few with the young couple across the street. They are having a hard time right now with all of the things that go with being young and trying to raise a son etc. She came over and talked with me for about an hour. I try to encourage her and let her vent. I know it can be a struggle at her age. I think she just needed to know she was doing OK and it is just hard sometimes. All of which is normal.

So it goes.


Monday, July 26, 2010


I guess lighting struck KCL. I don't know when it will return. So it goes. Jim and me are doing fine. It is hot and steamy here in Missouri, so I have not been getting out much. I had a tree service guy look at the trees in my yard. I have several limbs big ones hanging over the house that worry me. I may see about getting them trimed up.

I rented some movies to watch. I have gotten bored with reading all of the time, and my favorite authors can't keep up with my reading habit. Plus I just have a hard time finding things that interest me.