Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jim's Birthday

Today is Jim's Birthday. His present is the dog he brought home a couple of weeks ago. I did bake him a spice cake with cream icing and made him a nice supper. He is happy and full. So that was easy to take care of.

Damn I fell down again this morning. It had rain last night and I was hurrying down the drive way in my moccasins when my foot slipped out from under me. Now I have a nice big bruise on one of my knees. I swear I need a padded to suit to wear. I am ready for someone else to take over all of this falling down.

Not much else going on.



becomingkate said...

Oh no! I am afraid of falling these days. Hope you're not too sore.
Happy Birthday to Jim!

Justfly said...

Ouch on the falling. One year I fell down twice,,,it put a huge fear on me.
I hope you heal quickly.

Soiled Dove said...

At least you saved your butt!!

Fijufic said...


Be careful. Take your time because in one of these spills you are going to really hurt yourself. In fact, I would be all over that house and yard of yours looking for potential hazards.

I know it was the slippers that caused it on the wet stuff. Heck I even fall now and again but usually there was something in my way when it happened.

I don't like it when you get hurt is my point.


Judy said...

Happy belated Happy Birthday to Jim. :)

And hey, you stop falling down, okay!?