Monday, August 30, 2010

So here I am.

I come and go from this place. I find that writing even in one space is more than I can do at times. Still I miss some of you more that you will ever know. Like Dee I miss the old JS crew, but like to like some others write in peace.

Updates I should do too let you all know that I am still among the living. Jim also is still with me hanging on. We try to live our days just like anyone else. We get up get dressed read the paper, and then try to get on with the things of the day.

I have too wonder at Jim and why he is still here, with all of his ill health. Yet still he gets up each morning and it is a welcome surprise to me. I know others have lost their partners while I still have mine to at least see, and speak with during my days. It is a good thing. Life goes on at a fast clip. Which never seems to slow down. It makes me wonder how I ever thought time could go bye so slow.

At least one thing I have learned is to take what you get and enjoy it. Live is too short to sweat the stupid stuff.