Saturday, September 1, 2012

On the road again.

I am tired tonight. Been traveling this last week. First too stay with a niece and her family. She put me up for the night so I would not have too get up early too travel a long ways too pick up a friend at the airport. After picking up my friend we drove about 120 miles too her son's house too see her new baby grandson. We stayed at a motel close too her son the first night. Then drove a couple of hundred miles too Eureka Springs Ark. We stayed at a hotel that was built over a hundred years ago right in the center of Eureka Springs downtown. If you look at my facebook page you will see some pictures that I took of my trip.

We did the spa thing which I haven't decide was worth it or not. I thought the hotel was creepy, not very comfortable. Clean enough but for what you got rather expensive. The next day we went back too the little close town too where her son lives. We spent the night at the hotel, and visited with her son, and family. Then I drove home. It was a very long drive. She stayed for a few more days.

I did see some pretty country and met some very nice people. I also got too experience a ride on a fair boat. That takes you and your vehicle across Bull Shoals lake. I had never done that before and it was a free ride. Thanks too Ark.

I may go too Branson with some of my friends the end of this month. Then where will I go? I haven't decided as yet. It depends on the weather and if I have the money. I have a few places in mind now that I have my passport. I just want too make sure I have enough too enjoy myself without worrying.

So there you have it. I plan too clean the house, get caught up on things, and just take it easy.