Monday, February 23, 2009

Been sick

I have not wanted to write here in the last few weeks. All of us have been sick. So most of my time has been spent trying to recover. Plus doing all of the other stuff that one needs to get done. So by the time I get a chance to use the computer others are busy with their thing. So much for writing or doing an update.

Jim and me have managed to get out and buy some new rose bushes to plant this spring. I haven't been out in the yard, but Jim says we have spring flowers coming up. In about another month we will once again see the beauty of spring.

I also haven't wanted to say a lot about how Jim is doing. All I can say is that with all of this illness. I have been really worried. It does look like now things have turned around for the better.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Orchids

Jim bought another orchid today. They are so yummy looking. You just want too eat them.


My Valentine Present from Jim.

This is my present a pretty pink orchid. I have it setting on my kitchen sink. So that I can look at it when I am in the kitchen. We also got two African Violet's that are really pretty.

Jim's Valentine Present from me.

We went shopping yesterday, and I got this orchid for Jim.


I am up not that I wanted to get up this early, but my older son called from NYC. He will be back among the common folk tonight. I am awaiting too hear all about his trip and see his photos. My take on the whole NYC trip is, I am glad I didn't have too go.

Roaming around streets with tall building is not my cup of coffee. I know that I would feel all closed in and ready for some ear plugs. Our downtown KC would no doubt fit inside of central park with room left to spare.

So I am waiting. Need to take photos of the plants Jim and I bought yesterday. Lovely is all I have to say about them.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Live gets busy.

I have been pretty darn busy the last few days or is it the last week. I should have some quiet time now that the son and girlfriend have flown away. They left for NYC early this morning, and called about 10:30 AM to tell me they had made it safe and sound.

I found a pretty interesting Internet site and so I have spent more time than I should looking people up. It is called Case net Mo. Want to know who is bad or good? Then you go here to take a look. So I am easy to amuse. Plus some people are not as nice as they seem.

Horrible thing. I found my own name on this site. I can tell you right now that it is not me. I truly did not know that another person had my first and last night. Mainly because my first name is pretty unusual. It kinda freaked me out to see my name. Who ever that person is that is using my name is not nice. May they get boils. Any ways not much else going on.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Palm tree with snow.

My niece in SC sent me this photo she took. She thought it would be fun for us too see a palm tree with snow. They got about enough to cover the ground.

Been busy getting things done. Should have more time later in the week. Hope all of you are doing well.