Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dusting this place off.

Once again it has been awhile since I have posted here on my blog. So what is going on in my life now? I have stopped smoking and plan too stay stopped this time. I also am cleaning up the house getting rid of stuff and fixing things up. It has been a big job, and I still have lots of work too do.
I am putting in a new floor, painting, and put in a new toilet and sink in the bathroom. I also have been working on the yard, but I still have tons of work too do outside. I also have the basement with all of Jim's tools and other things too sort out and sell.
Then there is my friends who try too keep me busy. Sometimes my son, and other family members. They were afraid at first that I would break, but I am a lot tougher than they expected. Plus I don't see much use in grieving about Jim. I think I did enough of that when he was alive.
I just want too get my life back to what I want, and move on. Find out who I am now days, and what old Ros really wants for herself. A friend said it was me trying too find my self again. Surprises about me? Yes. I have surprised myself. I really like girl, girl things. I have too laugh at the tough little chick with her blue jeans, and hand me that wrench. I can do it myself. Who would have thought that I would be painting my bedroom lavender or wanted all fluffy pink towels? Not me. So I guess we all have a hidden interself. I am doing good.