Thursday, June 25, 2009


Jim and me are both tired today. We spent the afternoon out at the VA. The lung cancer tumor has gotten smaller, but still is there. So come next Wednesday. Jim will start Chemo. I know sort of what we face, but on the other hand. Living it is another thing. So we will see how the two of us hold up.

Have to go too my younger son's doctor's appointment. Outside of that just trying to get my head in the right place.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Short note

Life has been pretty busy for me. I have most of the yard cleaned up and looking good. The two sheds cleaned out and the basement is coming along. Between all of that work. I have been running Jim back and forth too the VA. He doesn't like to drive much now days. So more of my time is spent driving him around.

I have not gotten around too taking pictures this year of my garden. When I think of taking pictures it is the end of the day and I am ready for bed. Too dark to stumble out into the dark too take a few photo's. Maybe when things slow down a bit. So much too say and so little time.
Hope all are well.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Cool today.

It is cool here today. So I am trying to decide what I want too do. I thought about cleaning out the shed which really needs to be cleaned out. Can't find anything in the mess it is in right now. I need to decide about the rose bush I bought. Do I dig up a plant that is there and replace it with the new rose plant. I want the rose to climb over a gate that I just put in. It arches over the walk and would look really pretty with the red rose climbing over it.

I need to pick up the trash pile I made and put it in trash bags. So if I am bored. Which I am not. I have plenty of work to keep me busy and out of trouble.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can't stay out of the dirt and mud.

Jim was starting to feel house bound. So I took him over too Family Tree. I bought a climbling rose bush red, and several other plants. I also go an idea for a water feature. Sooo, I brought up a small tub that had been down by the big pond and filled it full of water plants. Don't worry about those nasty bugs that bit. I put some dunk under a rock in the water. I had to do that because our lovely lady pups keep taking them out of the ponds. They don't eat them. They just don't like them in the pond.

It is hot here today. So I will wait until the sun goes down some and do some more planting. I went through the drive thru at Steak & Shake and got us lunch. Jim ate it all which I am glad that he did. He really needs to eat more.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ordered to rest.

Jim says I am too do nothing today. He thinks that I have put in too hard a couple of weeks. Me will it doesn't hurt to toughen up. I am resting today as much as I can. The younger son has family day at the group home. I went over for awhile taking him to the dollar store, and then eating lunch with him. I also folded up his laundry and put it away for him. So we got too spend sometime together.

Went to check on the fish house and about 20 fish were floating on the surface. We ran fresh water into the ponds and we put to much in killing the fish. I dipped them out and now have to get rid of them. Jim told me these things happen. He wasn't mad at me. He even said something about buying some new fish. So it goes.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting it done.

It has been a tough few months. With Jim and all of the work that needed to be done around here at home. My brother-in-law came down Sat. and cut up the tree that had fallen down in the back yard. He also cut down the dead tree in the front yard and took most of it away. The young guy across the street has come over and helped me also and fixed the pole down at the big pond. So I am getting things done with the kind help of others.

My list of to do things is growing shorter. Tomorrow I have Sassy to take to the vet's for her annual shots and to be groomed. My younger son also has a doctor's appointment. That I need to be at. So another busy day. Jim is tired most of the time and spends most of his time sleeping or watching TV. He hates that he can not help me very much with all that needs to be done. I tell him not too worry. Little by little I will get it done. By the end of the summer I should be one tough old lady.