Friday, February 11, 2011

Here I am.

Here I am back hurting after a day of shopping. I really don't like going too the store. Will at least it is done, and the sun is shinning and it is suppose to warm up.

I just love my friends who write blogs. Dee was talking about trying too hard to I guess too look young. Will I have given up that idea. Now I am trying for the I look pretty good for 65. Sad I see pictures of myself and I try so hard. Too look at least attractive in an elderly way. Yet I come off as the short dumpy lady. I blame it all on my short fat legs. I have been told that I look cute. Which makes me laugh, and makes me picture a puppy or kitten. I suppose cute is good at least no one is saying I am ugly.

Jim says bless his heart. That I look good. Of course what does he know. He is half blind. Which is no doubt a good thing. Otherwise he might be chasing women half my age down the street. Yes he is still with us. I have stopped worrying about his dying, because it seems like he is not going anywhere soon. Although if you saw him with out clothes you would wonder what is keeping him alive. He eats less than anyone I know and sleeps a lot. At least most of the time he doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain. Thank goodness for that blessing.

Like everyone else I am ready for this winter too be over, and all of the snow melted away. I brought a rose up out of the basement. My little rose tree has been giving me some really pretty blooms. Which makes me long for spring.

I have been thinking that when Jim is gone. That I want too give this house to my oldest son and move into something smaller. I just need to find some where that suits me. Because I want too just travel when the mood hits me. Just get up and lock the door and go. I don't want anymore responsibilities for anything except myself. Warning I might just show up at your door step. Don't worry I won't stay long. It is a thought going through my mind these days. We shall see what happens.