Monday, March 23, 2009

Grinding my teeth.

Not much to up date about, and most of what I have been thinking and doing doesn't need to be repeated. One of those days when going out in the backyard and cutting off a switch for a couple of people sounds real good to me.

So I just have been keeping my mouth shut and trying to go about my business. While grinding my teeth. We will know more about Jim this Thursday. I am not looking forward too any of this at all. I really, really don't think Jim or any of the others have any idea what we are in for in the next few months.

I really don't want to do this, but I will. I have too stop thinking about it. Because it makes me sad and I already feel worn out. Got to get a handle on all of this stuff. It will be alright.



becomingkate said...

My heart goes out to you Roz - sadly, I know many caregivers and I know what you're in for. I know of several support message boards and I'll try to find them. It really helps when someone else knows what you're going through! *hugs*

Soiled Dove said...

Oh, Roz.. don't do it all yourself. That's my best advice.

Anonova said...

Is there maybe a volunteer caregiver service in your town that could help out a couple of times a week?
Sending good thoughts your way...