Friday, May 8, 2009


Jim came home from his radiation treatsments yesterday in a lot of pain. So much pain that we made our way out too the ER at the VA. He is now in the Intensive care unit. He insisted that I go home to rest last night. I sure didn't get much rest as sleep was not going to come. I called this morning and they told me that his pain is under control. I didn't get to speak too him, but they said they would tell him I called.

So what happens now? I have no idea.



Anonova said...

*hugs* Sorry to hear it, Roz. Best wishes heading your way.

Dorrie said...


Is there any possibility to stay over at the VA? Over here they occassionally have that option offered.

Fijufic said...


I love you. This stuff is always difficult. My gut tells me this is not good.


Wizardress said...

I'm so sorry Roz. I'm praying for yáll *hugs*