Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Better today.

I have decided to get over my mad about things and just get on with things. It takes me awhile sometimes to adjust to new circumstances. Poor Jim listens to me and tries to make me slow down and take one thing at a time. The doctors are surprised that he has done so well with all of these different illness. They just don't understand why he isn't dead yet. I know, but most people wouldn't understand. He is a determind soul. He stays for me.

Need to get going the birds are screaming that they are hunger and need my attention. Could someone tell me how to keep them from pooping in their water. yuk. I hate cleaning the water dishes.



Silentwhisper said...

Well Roz, my dear friend, I read your whole page-I needed to catch up with you:)

I imagine Jim as a tough bur that'll stick around for quite awhile.
I feel that documenting your life as you have been for some years will be beneficial come the future for the kids.Just recently my oldest found a baby book of which to my surprise, I wrote in depth while I was pregnant with her and, after she was born and growing- she was to say the least humbled to tears, as I was reminiscing.I was very-very grateful I took to journaling back then. I instilled the past on paper for her not knowing almost eighteen years later we'd be looking once again, upon it.

I suppose if you never really read your posts again, least someone in your family may find them intriguing sometime.Certainly Jim is a character, under his brave fasod.And you Roz? stronger than you let on, not to mention very funny yourself.Always have I enjoyed reading you.And always I could wrap my arms around you and sat it'll be okay.(Warm smiles).xo

Fijufic said...

I thought that to be the reason...You are loved.

I wish I knew what to say other than all of you are in my prayers.


becomingkate said...

Can you put the water on the side of the cage? Maybe it won't catch as much!