Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Faith, trust, love and other things.

I have always had faith in God. It seems it has always been a part of my everyday life. I don't talk about my faith much or my belief in God. I believe either you believe in God or you don't. That talking about it doesn't make your belief any more real than my own. We have been given free well, and having free well is too allow us too make mistakes and learn from them. I don't blame God for my mistakes or the bad things that happen in my life. You choice a path and it is up too you if you do right or wrong. Blaming some else for your mistakes or problems is just childish.

Trust is really a difficult part of life these days. I think because we hear so much that is bad going on all over the world. Things that when I was younger you never knew about, and the truth of the matter it is unlikely that you could even do anything about the bad things that happen too others anyway. We hear so much negative stuff on facebook, the Internet etc. It is hard too sort out what is truth and what is just someones imagination getting away from them. Maybe some just want bad things too happen so they can be right. Sometimes it is people just trying too use fear too get you too buy a product. Fear is something that holds so many of us back from moving forward or doing the right thing. I hate it when someone tries too use fear too influence my decisions about what is best for me.

I don't like not feeling in control of my life. It has always been a battle for me. Over coming my self doubts, and fears. Every time I do over come these feelings the more I feel in control the better I feel about myself.

Love? Just what is love? Caring about another more than yourself? Taking care of them? I believe there is more than one kind of love. Love of your children, love of your mate, love of your family, love of your country, love of nature, and love of pets. Love makes us feel good about ourselves. Love make use complete. Love is a mixed bag of feelings for so many different reasons, and last but not least love is a good thing. It makes us care about others.

Politics? Can I say I am sick too death over all of the garbage we hear. Sick too death of all of the fear generated by each party. I feel like screaming, SHUT UP ALREADY! We get how you feel. Not all of us see things your way and I don't believe most of us every well. I see things coming from my life experiences, and I am sure they are different than yours.

On the widow front. I am growing and understanding myself and how my life is now. Everyday is better as time goes bye. I have had too just let some things go, and that is a good thing. It is a part of growing and becoming who I am meant too be now. As one of my friends says, I am a butterfly emerging from my cocoon. Changing ever changing.



Dorrie said...

good post, roz. (((hugs)))

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You are such an amazing person.