Friday, November 30, 2012


I got an e-mail from my congressman yesterday. So I wrote him back, and told him of my concerns. Over the years I have watched a lot of people come and go. Some I was glad too see go, and others? I liked them for keeping in mind that they were elected too that office by people like me. All I ever wanted them too do was the right thing.

I can't say that I minded paying my taxes. I would look at the amount taken out of mine and Jim's paycheck and think of all of the things I could use that money for too keep our family going. Politicians seem too forget for all their words that they are suppose too be working for you and me. They forget that even though we do not have a lot of money. That it is people like us who keep this country running. We are the ones who get their children too school and back home safe. We are the ones who fix things, build things, stand behind checkout counters, fill the shelves and do all of those little things that need too be done.

I was brought up too believe that no matter the job you held. That you do it and be proud of your work. It has always been OK with me that I was not rich. I am happy with my little house, and what I have worked for over the years. I do resent people saying the poor are a burden on society. No we are not. If not for us this country would come too a grinding halt.

Who would protect this country if not for all the privates in the military? The rich are welcome too have what they have, but while we are keeping this country going and protecting them so they can be rich. They need too pay their fair share. Just because I am not rich. Doesn't mean that I am stupid. I am who I want too be, I live the way I do because it is how I want too live.

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Silentwhisper1 said...

I'm so with you, Roz..
Here in BC our taxes are determined every year of our net income.The more you make inadvertently will befall you in a higher tax bracket, thus forth you pay more income tax.Fair? well not so for the middle class, little do we get ahead. However, for the extreme wealthy? fair is fair especially with the wealthy receiving tax write-offs.

I've been watching the American news and watch how the wealthy are annoyed at paying higher taxes.I wonder if they think donating to charity every year is enough.Suppose they donate to their country for the countrymen and women.Just a thought.Least that money stays in the country.

Anyways, hugs and coffee your way.Wish I were there having this conversation,lol.Could really chew some