Monday, October 23, 2017

So it has been years? Since I wrote in this blog. Really I just lost my way. I read some of my old post. Jim had died and I was having a hard time. Six years have passed. Boy does time change you.

No I didn't find anyone to marry or even get close. I really do like being single. Will most of the time. Hate when I can't do something and need to hire someone to do it. Blaa. What a pain.

Have done somethings on my bucket list. A cruise which was interesting. Like being on the open water. Could do without yucky so called gourmet food. Sure I spelled that wrong. Found the place on the upper deck, with anything,and everything you could every want too eat. Had booze just a short walk. Plus nice people to chit,chat with.

Went on a canoe trip. Now that was fun. Drove from Missouri to Florida all by myself. That was fun, and people I met were great. Life is good for the most part. Yes it is good.



Silentwhisper1 said... I've missed you!xoxoxox

Silentwhisper1 said...

If you ever get on twitter, I'm cndmade Dee on there. Lots of lovely-chatty-ladies to introduce u too. I still come to my blog every now and again,but learned to write in short in the last years,oddly.