Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The more I think about it.

I can't say that I have stopped looking for someone, but the likely hood of that happening is pretty slim too none. Call me picky, call me full of myself, but here is my reasons for being so darn picky.
It is a biological fact that we are attracted too nice looking people. I can't say that I don't have my faults, because I do. Then there is personality. I can't help or want too change how I view things.

Jim and me didn't start off our life together looking like crap. We both were nice looking people and were attracted too each other. Then we got too know each other and liked each other, and then we fell in love.

It is a little hard to explain to others that being together and caring about one another makes a big difference in how one looks. You tend too except the changes that come with age, because you still are the same person and you both are going through the same bodily changes.

It maybe is shallow of me in some ways, but if I was too find someone else. I would want too be attracted too them and like them. I would also like them too be attracted too me and like me too. I want a relationship that is a two way street. No games please. Not interested fine. We don't even have too be friends.

I dated enough in my younger years before Jim. Too know. That not every person you date or meet is going too be the right person. I have pretty much decided, that if I find someone good. If not, well. I can be OK with that too.


Dorrie said...

yes, looks DO matter! If you are not physically attracted to someone, then there is no point in "forcing" a just won't work! But I do wonder sometimes about couples I see, one of them good looking while the partner looks like a dog.... but then they say love is blind! lol

If you REALLY love someone, then the looks probably won't matter!

Roz said...

You are right Dorrie. I see no reason too force it. It will happen if it is meant too happen.