Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ordered to rest.

Jim says I am too do nothing today. He thinks that I have put in too hard a couple of weeks. Me will it doesn't hurt to toughen up. I am resting today as much as I can. The younger son has family day at the group home. I went over for awhile taking him to the dollar store, and then eating lunch with him. I also folded up his laundry and put it away for him. So we got too spend sometime together.

Went to check on the fish house and about 20 fish were floating on the surface. We ran fresh water into the ponds and we put to much in killing the fish. I dipped them out and now have to get rid of them. Jim told me these things happen. He wasn't mad at me. He even said something about buying some new fish. So it goes.



Anonymous said...

Ah, doing nothing... a very difficult thing to do or not to do. And being a wife and a mother, tis a difficult task indeed!

Curiosity killed the cat but what kind of fish?

becomingkate said...

I hope you have a nice Sunday Roz!

Roz said...

Koi fish a fish grown in Japan. We have some in the other pong at least three feet long.