Saturday, January 10, 2009

We don't grow that.

I was thinking some people would grow that weed in their basement. Jim and me we grow roses. This is from the rose tree that we didn't get planted this fall. It is doing pretty good. Some of our other rose are blooming too and it looks like the white orchid is also getting ready to bloom.
I am taking the truck in Monday. We will see how that all that works out. Today I am not doing anything that takes any kind of brain power.


Judy said...

"Brain power" heheee :)

Me neither, LOL!

Good thing you and Jim grow those beautiful roses in the basement and not the weeds!

Gorgeous yellow roses, by the way. :)


Soiled Dove said...

ohhhh yellow truck and yellow roses! I'm in heaven :)

Anonova said...

Beautiful roses, Roz! I hope the rest of your weekend is totally relaxing for you. :)

wildstorm said...

Those are gorgeous! Summerwind

Fijufic said...

Perhaps you can put that flower on the bashed up part of the truck wreck!!!

Pretty flower. Ugly wreck!!


fragilewisdom said...

Yellow is one of my favorite colors! :)