Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have not taken a picture of it, but while I was trying to make an entry here. My son called and said I have some bad news. He wrecked one of the trucks. At least he was able to get it back home and we switched out putting him in the car.

So now I have to have it fixed. This is the same truck that some guy rear ended me and blew out all of the shocks. This is also the truck we just put new tires on. This all gives me a headache. If I had a junker no one would hit it. Oh well, and how was your day?



Soiled Dove said...

Yikes! Much better than yours! That just sucks and I'm so sorry. I hope your son is okay.

Nan (smartiplants) said...

That sucks big time. Even if you have insurance its a hassle. I hope your son is okay and the days ahead improve!

Anonova said...

Aww, so sorry Roz. :(

Roz said...

Yes my son is OK. It will work out, but it is a super pain. Thanks everyone.