Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rolled up the carpet.

Some times I think everyone has locked up and gone home. Then on the other hand it could be because I haven't been around for so long. Then it could be that everyone seems to be over on facebook. Not that I have all that many friends over there or write much on facebook.

I drove over too see my younger son today. He is at a special care center for people with disabilities. The kind of people that would wander off if not watched 24/7. It really is not a bad place, clean, small, and in a small town. That if you didn't keep an eye out for the signs saying what town it is, you could blow right through it in 5 min or less.  Little ways down from the care center is the Missouri river. That you can see when you turn into the drive at this place. My son says you can hear the river rushing bye and the sounds of the trains as they pass through town. Peaceful, small town, with country people running the place. People who seem too give a damn about the people in there care. I took him some of this things and some snacks. You know how guys are about food. He is no different in that respect. He was clean, shaved, and his hair was neat. That says a lot about the place.

I have been trying too get the yard cleaned up. It is once again a big mess. What with all of this damn hot weather, it has been impossible too get outside and take care of things. It also didn't help that this was the year of the flea's. Damn things were all over the place. Just about anyone that had a dog or cat, and maybe a few that didn't had too go too war with the things. I had a lawn service come and spray the yard, and treated the dogs, the house and just about everything around here including my truck and the car. It is a wonder that I didn't poison all of us including the dogs. The lawn service will be back out in the fall too treat again. Maybe I can get it under control for next. At least it seems like I have it under control.

I applied for my passport and I am waiting for it too arrive. Then I need too see if I can gather up some money too go some where interesting, and maybe even fun. I feel lonely sometimes, but really don't seem too know what too do about it. Once upon a time when I was young. It didn't seem to be a problem. I think sometimes, it is because I was married for so many years that I don't have a clue as too where anyone my age hangs out. Maybe most of them are just too old and sick too hang out anymore. Plus I think there is so many of us old women around, that if a healthy old guy showed up some where. You could get killed or injured in the stampede too grab the guy.



Dorrie said...

my new partner is 82 and quite active more like 72! We have a 20 yr. age difference.... arrggghh I'm in the process of moving, again. *sigh*

Sometimes I'd prefer some "boredom" lol

Roz said...

Moving is a lot of work. I hope this is your last one for a long time. I saw pictures of the house you are moving into. It is lovely. Enjoy your retirement.

Fijufic said...

We are still here Roz. I hope all is well for you. Where will you go first with this passport?