Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Divia's

Yes we  all have them in our lives. You know the drama queens. Like so many holidays it seems they come out of the wood work. First it was my son's girlfriend who doesn't know it yet, but not be his girlfriend much longer. Sigh. We  can only hope. She didn't like what I fixed for Thanksgiving. Maybe she should have stayed home?

Then there was the 62 year old widow's wedding. What a production that was with all the trimmings. So fine she can do what ever she wanted after all who am I too say anything. But I must admit it was a little much too have the wedding in the same church as the funeral of her late husband. The one in which, when they began too roll his casket out the door. She threw herself on the lid and sobbed uncontrollably.  Aah the drama of it all.

Then there was too just fill up my weekend with more drama. The daughter who dropped by while I was at her mothers to use her bathroom. She is with child, and bad mother and me had been smoking. Of course we had too hear about our smoking and how she just could not stay and visit. No one asked her too stay or too even stop in. It isn't that her mother and I don't try to be considerate of others with our smoking. It is that her daughter made such a big deal about it, and I thought that was very rude. Just shut up and leave for heavens sake. I did have too laugh when her mother said that her daughter could not eat lunch meat because it was bad for the baby and made a  big deal out of that too. It was being served at a birthday party she went too. So don't eat it. You don't have too be rude too the people putting on the birthday party. After all it wasn't about you.

If I have learned one thing in my 66 years of life, is that if you don't like something fine. Then keep it too yourself or stay really far away from that person. Yes I know sometimes we get stuck with them even when we would rather be some where else. I remember Emily post saying that the way too be a lady or gentleman was too make sure you didn't make other people uncomfortable. Isn't it something that a lot of people have forgotten how to be polite.



Fijufic said...

I love it when you go off...

I wish I could hear you.

I hope this message finds you well and in great spirits.


Anonymous said...

I've always been really baffled by situation #1. Campus is a great place to meet women. Young women. Some even have jobs. Hope she didn't have the gall to complain to your face. Especially in the wake of your hubby's death.