Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have trying to decide what too do today. Not that I don't have the normal stuff to do. Seems like I have a hard time getting out and doing things. Some of which has to do with the heat, and not wanting to spend money.

Our dog Sassy kept me awake last night. I think something must be living in the vines out in the back yard. Jim is going to beat on it and see if he can scare what ever it is away. I think it must be out little coon family.

Made some stuffed peppers and shared a few with the young couple across the street. They are having a hard time right now with all of the things that go with being young and trying to raise a son etc. She came over and talked with me for about an hour. I try to encourage her and let her vent. I know it can be a struggle at her age. I think she just needed to know she was doing OK and it is just hard sometimes. All of which is normal.

So it goes.



Fijufic said...


Those young whipper snappers need guidance all the time. I would not have survived my early years without the guidance of those who are older and wiser.

I'll take some of those stuffed peppers while you are at it.

Spoke with Sue today. Lightning busted up three of their servers and they are waiting for the insurance money to kick in so they can replace the equipment.


Roz said...

I do hope I help the younger ones. I would send you some stuffed peppers, but I don't think they would do well going that far.
Hope Sue gets it up and running.