Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Harassing the wildlife.

Our dogs kept me up barking the last couple of nights. Finally yesterday I saw the problem. A young coon who was in one of our trees. I got the BB gun and shot it in the butt a couple of times. Which made it come down and get in the vine over one of our arbors. I tried knocking it out with a long stick, but that little shit sure knew how to cling to those vines. It finally went all the way to the top of one of our trees. I guess some time in the night it found a way out of our yard. Gone I hope forever.

If it had fallen on the ground our dogs would have had lunch. They sure wanted that coon bad. Trixie tried to climb the tree it was in and got a couple of feet up. She almost got it's tail. Nothing much stays in our yard for long. Which is good as I don't want the wild life roaming around my yard. They like to eat my peaches and other things I have growing.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy wild life just don't like them eating my peaches and other things.



Wizardress said...

My dad does the same thing with squirrels so I completely understand. in fact, he also catches coons and opossums in a cage and carries them off because they eat the cat's food.

Roz said...

The coon has not come back, so I think he has decided he likes some where else better, away from this crazy old woman. LOL