Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slow too post.

I have been slow to post much of anything. Life keeps me busy right now. Yet here is an update on Jim. Jim did his chemo treatment yesterday. I was some what surprised (shouldn't be) that he is doing so well. Maybe it is because it is the first one. The only problem seems to be the steroids that he must take. They make him feel shaky and nervous. I think part of the trouble was not knowing how things would go. I am glad that he is able to eat and not throw it up.

Next time will be three weeks from now. We will see how he does then. I think they plan too add some things too the next dosage of chemo. They are going slow and careful. Which I am glad they are doing.



Anonova said...

What incredible troopers you and Jim are, Roz! I admire you both a lot. Best wishes for this whole process to be as smooth and easy for you both as is possible. *hugs*

becomingkate said...

I'm glad that the first one went okay. Thinking of you a lot!

Anonymous said...

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