Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am up not that I wanted to get up this early, but my older son called from NYC. He will be back among the common folk tonight. I am awaiting too hear all about his trip and see his photos. My take on the whole NYC trip is, I am glad I didn't have too go.

Roaming around streets with tall building is not my cup of coffee. I know that I would feel all closed in and ready for some ear plugs. Our downtown KC would no doubt fit inside of central park with room left to spare.

So I am waiting. Need to take photos of the plants Jim and I bought yesterday. Lovely is all I have to say about them.


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Judy said...

Hi Roz: lol, not my cup of tea living in NYC but I'd love just once to go experience the excitment of the night-life there!

I will look forward to the pictures, and hope a great time was had by your son and girlfriend!

Me tooo, I wanted so bad to stay under the covers and sleep in this morning! Had to get up only because I had to take one of the meds. early on.

Looking forward to seeing your lovely plants too!

Heads up: a great New siet is launched by a former JS'er. He's doing a really great job by himself!

Matt is his name, and he even has a regular blog just like us. :) He also gives us comments.

I just found out about this last night, but some have known about it for a week or three weeks.

If you want to check it out:

and mine is:

It's for all of us Journalspace refugees. I really like it. I plan to blog there as much as possible and also stay here too! :)

Hugs, and hope you Jim have a nice Sunday!