Monday, February 23, 2009

Been sick

I have not wanted to write here in the last few weeks. All of us have been sick. So most of my time has been spent trying to recover. Plus doing all of the other stuff that one needs to get done. So by the time I get a chance to use the computer others are busy with their thing. So much for writing or doing an update.

Jim and me have managed to get out and buy some new rose bushes to plant this spring. I haven't been out in the yard, but Jim says we have spring flowers coming up. In about another month we will once again see the beauty of spring.

I also haven't wanted to say a lot about how Jim is doing. All I can say is that with all of this illness. I have been really worried. It does look like now things have turned around for the better.


Anonova said...

Poor Roz! Don't wear yourself out taking care of everybody but you. *hugs*

Judy said...

Hi Roz: please take care of you too.

It's awwful and makes things doubly hard when sickness strikes. Just doing everyday to day things is tiresome. Takes alot out of us.

Hope you all feel better asap. Yes, Spring is right around the corner! :) ((hugs))

Nan said...

You have had a lot to deal with. I hope you are all feeling better. Hugs to you