Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Falling in Love.

The name of this rose is Falling in Love. It is a rose bush that was not planted when we bought it this fall. It is now living in our basement under special lights.
We really enjoy our plants.


Nan said...

Its a beautiful rose! I love gardening too but havent had much time for it this past year. Hopefully the new year will be different.

I am so glad you posted a comment on my journal. I looked for you in Dorries messag board and didnt see you.

paulafrances said...

What do you mean, was it a bare root? I would love to grow roses, but my yard is oretty much shady everywhere a rose would fit. I keep saying that I will plant some at the farm, but then I don't drive out there as often as I would need to in the summer.
I guess there IS life after js!

paulafrances said...

By the way, that is one BEAUTIFUL rose!

Roz said...

Hi Nan, I have a journal at wordpress also. Glad you found me.

Roz said...

No that rose is in a pot in the basement. It is one we bought at a discount this fall. We will keep it alive until spring and then plant it.

Some roses do alright in a little bit of shade. Try climbing roses or English roses.


Judy said...

That is one awesome beauteeeeful rose :)

fragilewisdom said...

that is a beautiful rose. I didn't know it was possible to grow a rose in a basement.